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There is something about flowers. They can lighten up your mood, brighten up your day and cheer you up whenever you’re down. More to adding colour and joy to a room, these lovely creations of nature help you convey a message and express feelings when words seem to fail you. It’s no wonder why there are numerous flower festivals celebrated around the world each year.

With such beauty, flowers have become classic home decorations. But there is one consequence when these beauties are cut for such purpose. They wilt. Different species may have different lifespans once they’re cut.

So if you’ve called for same day flower delivery and now wondering how to make flowers last longer, don’t fret. Below are some practical tips that can help you preserve your blooms.

  1. Cut flowers at the right time.

Not everyone may know but there are favourable times for cutting blooms.

  •         Right stage of development. For those with multiple buds, for example, make sure at least one bud is beginning to open before cutting them. For plants with only one flower per stem, be sure to let them fully open first before cutting them out.
  •         Right time of day. The best time to cut blooms is when the weather is cool as they lose less water during this time. Weather is coolest in the late evening or early morning so you may cut some fresh blossoms at these times.
  1. Create a homemade preservative.

You don’t have to spend much to extend the life of your blooms. Using white vinegar and some sugar, you can create a preservative. Vinegar prevents the growth of bacteria and sugar provides nourishment to the plants. Mix three tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of vinegar in a litre of water. Fill the vase making sure that about seven to ten centimetres are covered by the solution. Replace the water every two days.

  1. Use soda.

Have left over soda? Put them to good use and have longer lasting floral decorations at home. The sugar in soda helps flowers last longer. Mix one-fourth cup of soda with your vase water. For this method, clear soda is better to use especially if you’re using a clear vase.

  1. Use vodka.

Did you know that vodka has antibacterial properties? And you can use it to make your lovely blooms last longer. The key to making your blooms last a lot longer is to prevent bacterial growth, or minimise it at least. Add a small amount (few drops will do) of vodka to your vase water and a teaspoon of sugar. Replace the water with vodka and sugar mixture every two days to keep it fresh.

  1. Use flower food.

There are preservatives, also referred to as “flower food”, that are formulated to help flowers survive longer. Some of their common ingredients include a biocide that kills off bacteria, sugar for nourishment and an acidifier to help the stem absorb water. These preservatives are often available at gardening supply stores or your local florists.

  1. Remove leaves and debris from water.

So you’ve received a thank you flowers delivery. Sweet! Put the charming blossoms on a vase and put their beauty on display for everyone to see. But first, make sure there aren’t any leaves submerged in the water. Leaves can rot under water and become food for bacteria. With enough food source, bacteria can easily multiply and damage plants.

  1. Keep water fresh.

Among other things, it’s very important to keep the vase water fresh. Dirty water can provide an environment for bacteria and other organisms to thrive which can cause blooms to wilt. Be sure to replace the water every day or every other day. Also, make sure that the water is free from any debris.

  1. Trim stems regularly.

Stems must be trimmed regularly as well. You can do the trimming whenever you replace the water. Blooms bought from the store should be trimmed immediately. When trimming, cut at a 45-degree angle as an angled cut helps plants absorb more water.

  1. Get rid of wilted flowers.

Because they are more authentic, fresh flowers are simply superior to artificial ones. But since they have a limited lifespan, the best thing you can do is to prevent wilting from happening too soon. One thing you must know is that wilted blooms release gas that can cause the others to wilt as well. As soon as you notice one that is wilting, remove it from the bunch immediately to avoid damaging the others sooner.

  1. Place flowers in a cool place.

Water loss is one factor that can reduce the lifespan of plants. Plants can easily lose water when they are placed near a heat source. To avoid rapid water loss, place fresh blossoms away from sunlight or any direct source of heat.

  1. Store flowers in the fridge overnight every day.

One method found to be effective in preserving blooms is refrigeration. Much like storing your fruits and vegetables in the fridge to prevent them from spoiling, you can also preserve your beautiful blooms this way. Surely you’ve noticed flower shops often have huge refrigerators where they store their stocks. You can do the same at home.


It certainly is great to have fresh and pretty blossoms at home. Now that you’ve learned a few tricks, you can put them to good use the next time you order a bunch of blooms.

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