We love flowers for the charm they give in our homes. A vase of mesmerizing blooms will surely make you smile. But, you will fall in love with them even more with their impressive scents. Here are some of those blossoms that will perfume your homes indoors and outdoors.



A native to the tropical countries, jasmines are among the flowers loved for their scent. These are nocturnal blooms that give off sweet scents during sundown. And if a full moon graces the Earth, Jasmine even becomes more fragrant. Poetic, isn’t it?


Lavender is a perfect package, alluring and fragrant and can easily grow even under the scorching hot weather. It is not surprising that these blooms have been used by the Romans and Egyptians to give fragrance to their bath. You will surely feel like an ancient majesty when you have lavenders planted in your homes.


Gardenia is quite hard to grow. But, like all things beautiful, its scent is a fragrance that will mark in memory. They can be intoxicating at most. So, grow them moderately if you must. Tropical and subtropical climates are perfect for growing these flowers.

Grape Hyacinth

These bulbous florals, without a doubt, looks like the grapes. With grape hyacinths, less is more is a no-no because the more you plant, the more fragrant your home will be. They come in various colours and can grow with minimal care. They can adapt to different kinds of soil and can live long forever longer than other fragrant blooms or other blossoms for that matter.


Does it sound familiar? Yes, these flowers are part of the tobacco family. It is also known as Tobacco flower. Its scent, however, is nothing like the cigarette smell. These are grown specifically because of their fragrance. Even if planted outdoors, if they are near your window, they can drift into the entire house. Amazing, isn’t it?


Proceed with care: orchids can be very fragrant or nasty-smelling. Ask your local florist which ones are perfect to be grown at home. Orchids have different scents depending on which ones you are growing. Some are even nocturnal, which blooms during the night. Sleeping can never be more relaxing.


Bringing spring inside your home has never been more beautiful than clustered lilacs. They are as sweet as they look with a kick of spice. You’ll have fun growing and caring for these blossoms because of how pretty they look in full bloom, and their interesting scent will have you in awe.

Star Magnolia

Can you imagine creamy and sweet with a light citrus scent? Then that is how star magnolias smell like. They are believed to have grown on Earth since the time of dinosaurs. Star Magnolia will add an exotic mix to your homes and gardens. And of course, a fragrance that will leave your home fresh and comforting.


We may not like Harry’s Aunt Petunia for her wicked ways, but she still placed a roof on top of his head. So let’s stop the hate by growing and keeping fragrant petunias in your garden and homes. Wave petunias are among the most fragrant of all petunia flowers. They don’t just look good and smell fine because their scents help in attracting bees for faster pollination. See, these are not bad after all.


Last, but not the least of this selection are the roses. These lovely blossoms have been around for quite some time that they are crowned Queen of Fragrant Flowers. Rightly so, they are good indoor cut plants and outdoor gardens. There are so many rose varieties you can choose from that will emit different fragrance.


Take a pick from these charming blossoms for your next gardening from an array of flowers in Brisbane. Check some of these beauties here

Let us know which ones are your favourite and your experiences.