Depending on the event, special occasion flowers can affect the intended recipient in a meaningful way. The secret to communicating a flowers meaning is to use the right colour and the right flower. Colourful flowers have a way of communicating the true meaning of graduations, weddings, funerals and birthdays. Most occasions will be enhanced by flowers, and it is important to consider the flower, the colour and the occasion.

Special occasion flowers include flowers of many different colours. The red rose is a colourful flower that symbolizes passion and romance, and it is the first flower to give a lover on anniversaries, Valentines Day or a lover’s birthday. In flower arrangements, red flowers make a great contrast to green leafy stems, and they are the perfect compliment for purple and yellow flowers, a wonderful addition to any festive occasion.

Orange roses work well at occasions marking a person’s accomplishment, and the Amber Flush flowers meaning is the perfect gift for the goal-oriented person. It is an appropriate flower for graduations, marriage anniversaries and company parties.

Colour flowers like pastel pink carnations present an unobtrusive yet beautiful flower that is perfect for sad occasions or as a soothing gift for a grieving spouse. Pastel coloured flowers are thoughtful gifts to take to someone in the hospital.

White is the symbol of purity. It stands for uncorrupted, virgin clarity, and white lilies are perfect for weddings or a young person’s birthday. White is also the colour of choice for funerals and wakes because a loved one has gone to a better place.

Yellow and pink flowers are great for birthdays and times of commiseration because they are celebration colours. A bouquet of pink roses is not only a great gift but also an honor to receive. A bright pink is a strong colour, but it is perfect for confident people on triumphant occasions. Bright pink is a wonderful colour if the flowers meaning is conveyed properly.

Colourful flowers come in impressive bouquets too. Yellow flower bouquets are appropriate for positive relationships that are not exactly romantic love but a strong bond with similar emotions. A bouquet of yellow tulips is a perfect gift to a reliable friend on a meaningful occasion.

Purple denotes ambition, success and pride. Purple flowers are ideal to give after successful ventures, the attainment of lifelong goals or just the purchase of an expensive car or a home. Purple lilacs and orchids make the ideal gift when congratulations are in order.

Colourful flowers and special occasion flowers mean a lot to the people who receive them and are a beautiful addition to any graduation, wedding, retirement party or anniversary.