For the love of flowers, let me present to you some simple ways to mix your floral zeal with your daily office outfits.

Wearing floral printed apparels can turn into a total fashion disaster when paired with the wrong choices of color, style, and patterns. It takes a careful mix and match, and a good grasp of artistry to be able to combine your floral prints into your office outfit and still look perfectly good. You are lucky if you have fair skin – florals will look good on you no matter what their hues are. For people with dark skin tone, however, wearing florals can be a bit challenging – you need to make sure the colors you picked will match perfectly with your skin color.

Here are a few simple tips to help you get the right mix and match of your floral wears for your office outfit.


Skirts / Pants / Dress


Putting on a floral shift dress is, perhaps, the safest way to incorporate your love for flowers on your office outfit – this does not require any more time and effort to mix and match colors and styles. All you have to do is put on those nude, white, black (or any similar hue) high-heels, then you are ready to go.

Floral printed pencil skirts and culottes are best paired with plain colored tops – preferably those of neutral colors. With your high-heels on, you will perfectly look stunning.


Tops / Jackets / Vests

Floral printed blouses can be as tricky as the pants and skirts. For a flowy printed blouse, you can pair it with a matching neutral-colored pencil skirt to get the executive look.

If wearing a floral sleeveless top, cover it with a neutral-colored blazer and a bottom – it can be a skirt or pants, depending on what looks best when paired with your top clothing. Or you can just put on a floral printed blazer to add to your outfit. The blazer can never go wrong with a single-colored matching upper and lower apparels.


Heels / Flats

Think wearing floral shoes is too weird? Well, not really. If only you know how to pair it with your clothes. Floral Pumps will look totally great with a plainly printed dress or a plain top and skirt or pants. As long as their colors complement each other, wearing floral pumps or ballet flats will look as gorgeous as your nude high-heels.


Watches / Bags

If you don’t feel comfortable with wearing blossom printed clothes, you can still show off your personality through your accessories. Think about adding a floral long strap watch or a floral printed tote bag.

Be extra careful not to mix uncomplimentary hues, or you’ll end up looking like a clown.


Office Plants



Your floral-themed outfit would not be complete without the presence of real flowers on your office desk.  Not only for the mere purpose of decoration but for a more important reason like boosting your mood.

Did you know that the existence of flowers and plants in the office is good for your mental health? Smelling the scent of flowers enhances your mood and makes you more creative and productive.

So, before going to your office, make sure to drop by the nearest floral shop to pick some blooms.


Here is a guide on how to arrange the flowers for your desk: 

And a bonus guide to extend the life of your cut flowers: 

Or to make your life even easier, order a ready-made flower arrangement from an online flower delivery shop in Hong Kong.
So there you have it. Put on the right mix of floral hues and patterns then be confident about wearing it. Floral prints can sure take you to the top of style stakes.