A first date is as fun as it is anxiety-inducing.

The new couple needs to choose an activity that strikes a delicate balance between being entertaining while not preventing the two people from talking to each other. Restaurants are great, but they place pressure on the couple to constantly come up with new things to say.

A fancy dinner can feel too formal for young people who are just figuring out how romance works. Creative couples can overcome these hurdles by going on dates that fit their tastes and personalities.

1) Inviting a date to attend a gallery opening makes a good first impression. The art provides instant conversation fodder. As people walk around the exhibit, they comment on what they see. The pressure to seem interesting goes away and the two people are allowed to loosen up and get a feel for each other. The complimentary wine makes the date feel classy even though no money was spent.

2) On a similar note, wine or beer tastings are fun first dates as well. The activity of walking between tasting stations keeps the couple from falling into awkward silences or exhibiting uncomfortable body language. It is difficult to appear at ease while sitting or standing in one spot.

3) A music performance is a common first date among young people who fall into the hipster subculture. It is not difficult to find a free or inexpensive gig on a weekend night in a major city. Many upscale restaurants host free performances on Saturday nights. A couple who attends a gig like this on a first date can have a drink and enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant without feeling pressured to order expensive meals. Musicians’ sets tend to be much shorter than the length of a typical movie, so people do not have to wait as long to talk to each other about what they have just seen and heard. They also do not feel obligated to spend a lot of time with dates that they might not know very well yet. There is a lot of flexibility built into a short event. People can always go to another bar afterward if they decide that they enjoy each other’s company.

4) Someone who is a good cook should consider taking his or her date to a local farmers market. They can enjoy the morning weather and choose foods that they will prepare and eat together later in the day.

5) Wine bars are fancier than regular bars and are not much more expensive. Most wine bars have affordable small-plates menus. A wine bar is a comfortable choice for people who like socializing in bars but want to make a first date feel special.