A first date can be challenging, thrilling and rewarding. While finding conversation points may be difficult, finding the right place to meet does not have to be. Here are some ideal locations to go on a first date.

1. Coffee shop
For a starting point, try going to a coffee house. The benefits are huge. To begin with, the location enables the couple to get to know each other across a table with hardly any distractions. There is no pressure on what to food to order or what movie to see. The focus is on conversation and on the other person. You can even sneak her a surprise rose bouquet if you are confident enough. Some people do not like coffee and that is fine. Coffee houses have other beverages and these differences open the door to a discussion topic.

2. Ice cream shop
ice_cream_dateIf the weather is nice, try going to an ice cream shop. Ice cream flavours and toppings are endless and it gives a chance for the couple to find out what each other like. On a hot day, it may be good to stay inside the shop and talk about how to stay cool. Like going to a coffee house, an ice cream shop focuses the couple on learning about the other person.

Ice cream date appears to be a cool idea, as Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and their respective dates choose such venues.

3. Amusement park
Another date venue to consider is going to an amusement park. An amusement park may be ideal for a couple who may want to get to know each other, but do not want to spend a lot of time talking. Riding roller coasters and other amusements take the pressure off a couple from keeping the conversation going. Conversation time is made while waiting for the rides to begin. Memories are made as the couple goes on challenging and thrilling rides. Before going, make sure the date is willing to go to the amusement park.

4. Bowling alley
bowling_dateBowling is a terrific way for couples to learn about each other while doing a fun activity at the same time. Being skilled at bowling is beside the point. The point is getting to know each other and having an activity to unite the couple together. In addition to bowling, many bowling alleys have arcades and other games to play, if the couple would like to.

Finding a date venue is not difficult for people to do. Finding the right one can make the difference between going on a second date or not. The key is focusing on getting to know each each other while going to a first date.