Father’s Day is a day for celebrating dads. Children young and old make sure to visit their fathers, write to them, call them and give them something to show their appreciation. It is also a day for fathers to spend some quality time with their kids, especially when their children are young.

Father and Song

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Father’s Day Facts

Father’s Day is an international holiday that many developed countries recognize. It typically falls on the third Sunday of June, but this varies from country to country.

In South Korea, there is no day just for fathers. Children celebrate both parents on May 8 annually. This is known as Parent’s Day.

In Germany, their version of Father’s Day celebrates all men. Instead of spending time with children, unless they are male children, men go off and spend time together. This often includes drinking.

In Thailand, the date of Father’s Day changes with the king. Whenever a new king takes the throne, the day changes to coincide with his birthday. While not currently in fashion, it was once a tradition to give flowers for Father’s Day in Thailand — one Canna, to be precise.

Interestingly, while giving gifts for Father’s Day is a tradition in the United States, there is another trend that is costly for fathers. On Mother’s Day, more phone calls are sent, but on Father’s Day, more collect phone calls are sent.