Flowers are an essential part of any home. They can help set the tone of a room as well as express our own personality to those around us. However beyond their beauty and fragrance lie benefits that most will not even realise..

Household plants such as flowers have been scientifically proven not only to be beneficial to the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide but they can also improve the condition of a home making it more comfortable for its occupants.

Flowers have the ability to remove airborne contaminants that build up due to the amount of time that we spent indoors, whether it is at work or at home. Flowers also help to control the humidity in a room keeping it at an optimum level for human health and well being.

Studies at Harvard University show that flowers feed our sense of compassion for others as well as help relieve feelings of anxiety, stress and depression. It was also discovered that flowers can help to improve feelings of energy and enthusiasm which can carry over from home to the workplace. These effects have made them the ideal gifts for those we love as well as ourselves.

Flowers are best placed in the areas of the home where we spend the majority of our time such as the dining room, living room or kitchen. This allows you to fully experience the tranquillity they bring both to the room and yourself. It is truly amazing that something so often believed to be nothing more than a household decoration can have so many benefits both aesthetically and emotionally.