Happiness of the World

Consider some beautiful romances from history and literature.


The human sentiment of romance possesses an enduring power to bridge gaps of time and space. Around the world, romantic feelings inspire human beings. Sometimes these uplifting emotions cause people to make great sacrifices. Just consider some of these beautiful romances from history and literature…

A Romance From India

The elegant white marble Taj Mahal today remains one of the most famous landmarks in India, a shrine noted for its stunning architectural beauty. Many accounts state the building was constructed upon the orders of Shah Jehan, the fifth Emperor of the Mogul Dynasty, in honour of his enduring love for his beloved wife, Mumtaz-i-Mahal, who passed away shortly before its completion.

Love in Prehistoric Times

Recently, archaeologists discovered a burial site with two cuddling skeletons clasped in one another’s arms. The approximately 6,000 year old grave stands on a cliff near Diros Bay in Greece, close to the Mediterranean Sea. Archaeologists believe the man and woman passed away about the same time. They were apparently buried together by ancient people in a single grave to reflect their closeness during life.

Roses Express Enduring Love

Today, the enduring nature of love and romance finds expression in a variety of ways. One popular symbol involves the use of red roses. A single red rose or a lovely crimson rose bouquet remain highly popular Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversary gifts for a reason; these beautiful flower express the enduring qualities of undying love and devotion. Some people believe that the potent symbolism accounts for the popularity of rose-covered castles in many classic fairy tales; when a prince scales a thorn-covered tower to reach a princess, as occurred in the Tale of Rapunzel, the feat symbolises the strength of enduring affection and romantic love.

Other Modern Ways to Express Romance

Yet another symbol for strong romantic sentiments which appears frequently in this era concerns the pomegranate, a round, red fruit with a long, ancient history. For many years, people widely regarded both pomegranates, and chocolate, as aphrodisiacs. So another great way to express eternal love today involves a gift of pomegranate-flavoured dark chocolate candies.

These sexy ways to say “I love you!” inspire longterm happy memories years later. Romantic gifts highlight something funny about romance…although across the eons of time and space life occurs in moments, sometimes those powerful sentiments endure even longer than human hearts. As Friedrich Schiller wisely said “I have enjoyed the happiness of the world; I have loved.”

The beauty lasts forever.