Sarah always started shopping for family and relatives ahead of time. Whenever she found herself in a bind, (which wasn’t very often), she would try and come up with the most thoughtful gift possible.

Sometimes a get well bouquet from was needed. Other times, she would need an exciting arrangement to surprise her boyfriend.

Whenever family members and friends of Sarah received the flowers they realized that Sarah had went out of her way to find the freshest gathering of flowers to make the best gift.

Sometimes she would even tell the florist how she wanted it to be designed.. to add a special touch and personalize her gift every time. Everyone seemed surprised when Sarah would walk in with flowers, or have them delivered. Often times they could smell the flowers for weeks after, the smell of her perfect gift lingering. They always wondered where she got the flowers and where they could find them. She kept it her secret and never told them. It was her own little treasure.

After being asked by multiple people in her life, Sarah decided that she should share where she had been buying and gifting the wonderful arrangements that everyone had loved so much. She wanted to spread the word about how fresh their flowers are.

Finally, she told her best friend, her boyfriend, and her parents where she had been getting the flowers all along. She felt happy that more people knew about how great the online florist was. Her perfect gifts were no longer a secret, but she started to realize when she would visit her friends’ houses they all had gatherings of flowers from there. She was happy that since she went out of her way to find the freshest flowers, her friends could enjoy and buy them all the time now without the special occasion.

So when Sarah’s doorbell rang and the flowers delivery man was at the door, she couldn’t help but smile. On the card stuffed between pink, orange, and red flowers, it read “The gifts we’ll never forget” signed from her mom, dad, boyfriend, and friend. And for the first time, she realized how great her family was. She had never had a delivery of flowers and for once she realized how special it was.

The special feeling that she got when she answered the door in surprise recreated how everyone felt when they received her gifts in the past. She couldn’t stop smiling in appreciation. On the card, she noticed the handwritten card. She felt like sending the positive energy along; She e-mailed them and told them how their flowers had brought her family and friends together. She also decided she’d do a flower order for herself next time.