zFlowers.com - Article image - 14 March 2016

Ever wanted to arrange flowers but think you don’t have the skills?

There’s no need to fret. You don’t have to have the skills of a pro to create attractive floral arrangements. There are many simple flower arrangements you can easily make at home without the need for serious skills. Whether they’re for everyday home decoration or something to make your intimate gatherings more special, you can always make elegant floral presentations on your own.

So if you got same day flowers or your garden has produced fresh new blooms and you want something to do with them, try your hand at arranging blooms. Below, we share six of the easiest flower arrangements you can make at home.


Rearranged Store-Bought Bunch

The bunch of flowers from stores are some of the easiest one to access. The problem with these blooms, however, is that some may not be arranged properly. This is where you can step in. Rearrange the bunch by separating them and regrouping them according to kind or colour. Place each kind or colour in one vase. You may keep or discard all greenery. For uniformity, use a matching set of vessels. These arrangements make lovely centrepieces or accents to an empty corner.

Solo Stunner

There is no rulebook that says only a bunch of flowers can make a beautiful arrangement. Even a single bloom can make a stunning and elegant arrangement. Place just one bloom in a Martini glass or a stemmed ice cream dish. The best kind of blooms to use are those with multiple petals like gerberas, dahlias, chrysanthemums, and carnations. For a more stylish touch, throw in a bit of greenery like a garden vine.

Orchid in a Vase

Much like the previous arrangement, this one only involves one kind – orchid. Using only one orchid branch, this number is perhaps the simplest on this list. Pick any kind of orchid and place one branch (one with a flower or a few blooms, of course) in a tall, transparent, cylindrical vase. Pour some water (about an inch) into vase. Add a palm frond into the arrangement as a backdrop.  

Relaxing Arrangement

Aside from its beauty, lavender is known for its relaxing scent. For this reason, an arrangement of lavenders in your home is beneficial. It’s relaxing to the eyes and body at the same time. Fill a stylish vase with some greenery and slip a few stems of lavender. This arrangement is perfect in the bedroom, guest room or lounge area.

Cluster Power

If you prefer your flowers to be more bunched up or close together, you can opt for a compact arrangement. Do this by using textured blooms. Cut the stems making sure to leave an inch attached to the heads. For the vessel, use a large trifle bowl or a cylinder vase. Add some stones into the vase creating a mound. Add enough water so that when you add the flowers, every stem has access to the water. When arranging the blooms, be sure to stick the stems in between stones.

One by One

Want a floral arrangement without technically arranging flowers? It’s actually possible. If you have clear jars, vases or even unused (but clean) glass bottles, now is a good time to put them to good use. For this arrangement, place only one flower or plant in each vessel. You may use any type of bloom and include some greenery like ferns. Place the vessels close to each other (but not too close) and you’ll create a skyline topped with a variety of flora.


It’s easy to get intimidated by the pictures of beautiful arrangements you see online. But you shouldn’t let them stop you from creating your own. After all, this is a form of art. Your creativity is the limit. Make your own rules and explore.