Roses and Valentine’s Day are synonymous. Receiving a bouquet of roses makes a girl happy and lets her boyfriend show that he cares about her. Even if the couple has just started dating, the guy cannot assume that his girlfriend does not want roses on Valentine’s Day. A girl does not have to be overly traditional to be disappointed if her boyfriend does not acknowledge the holiday. Buying a girlfriend some flowers on a day that is supposed to be romantic is a no-brainer. A guy who does not make the effort to show his girlfriend that he cares is going to end up wishing that he had just bought her some Valentines Day roses.

It is Always a Big Deal

Valentines Day 2013Many modern women believe that they are too empowered to get invested in Valentine’s Day, and maybe they genuinely believe that the holiday is silly and materialistic. All the same, a girl is not likely to frown upon a sincere expression of affection. If a guy is not sure how his girlfriend feels about Valentine’s Day, he should err on the side of acknowledging it. A girl who opposes the commercialized nature of the holiday will still appreciate the gesture. Conversely, a girl who attaches meaning to the day will be disappointed if she does not receive Valentines Day roses from a shop like

It May or May Not Be a Test

Valentine’s Day is perhaps more significant for new couples than it is for established ones. A guy may think it is too soon to give his girlfriend roses if they have only been together for a short time, but Valentine’s Day gives him an easy opportunity to show his girlfriend that he intends to be with her for a long time. If he fails to give his girl roses, she might think that he is not serious about her. It is never too soon to make one’s feelings known. Girls see Valentine’s Day as a litmus test for their new relationships. They judge their boyfriends by how they choose to celebrate the holiday. A timid guy who does not get his girlfriend a nice gift could be dooming his relationship before it gets the chance to fully blossom.

A guy has nothing to lose by buying his girlfriend some roses on Valentine’s Day. He has everything to gain by showing her how he feels about her, even if she pretends not to care.