Dating can be a wonderful time of life when men and women are taking the time to get to know what they are truly looking for in a mate. Some daters have been around the block before and have specific criterion for the people they want to date and others will let their hearts lead them wherever they may.

Although it’s exciting to shop around dating various people that catch the eye, it can become a frustrating experience. Many daters might feel like they will never find that “perfect” match. Whether a man or woman is seriously looking for a spouse or just looking for companionship there are a few common-sense topics to avoid during a first date.

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Previous Relationships
Everyone has a history. Whether someone’s dating history is bland or filled with tales of love, loss and heartache, it is not appropriate to delve into the details on the first date. Daters should keep the mood light and the details vague if the topic does arise. There is no reason to scare a potential mate off by getting into the details of previous relationships. Men and women should always refrain from complaining about old boyfriends or girlfriends.

Childhood Traumas
Childhood experiences and events often shape people into adults. Contrarily, negative childhood experiences or abusive situations can linger well into adulthood. Adults who are sifting through these old emotions and issues need not bring it up on a first date. Personal issues are personal and shouldn’t be brought up until two people truly care about each other.

Family Issues
If a person is facing strife in their own family, it is best to not talk about it on a first date. Adults going through a divorce, fighting with siblings or facing other issues within the family should keep the details personal and avoid going on and on about negative emotions within their family.

While it’s certainly okay to let a date know when and where they attend church services, daters are advised to leave it at that. A first date is too early to get into lengthy discussions about spiritual beliefs and attitudes. If religion plays a big role in a person’s life, they should choose their dates carefully and avoid those that do not have similar belief systems.

Adults who have been previously married and have children should obviously share this information. However, single daters who have dreams of future families should not delve into the topic of family and children on the first date.