Proposing marriage is a monumental step; no matter how old a person may be, he or she may find the prospect exciting and daunting. If a person is ready to move into new territory, the ideas below may prove useful. If further assistance is still necessary, a person may wish to talk to a trusted loved one.

So if you’re ready to pop the question, here are some ideas:

1. Spell out The Proposal
It is a brilliant idea to spell out the marriage proposal. He or she may wish to write out the message with food; if this is not possible, he or she may write the message in lipstick, chalk, or similar items.

Wedding Proposals

A wedding proposal idea.
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2. Hide the Ring in a Christmas Ornament
If a person celebrates Christmas, the ring may be integrated into the tree. The ring may be kept in the original box, or it may be placed in or around an ornament. It is necessary to remember the location of the ring; otherwise the moment of the proposal may involve stress and worry.

3. Create and Display a Series of Notes
If a person has scraps of paper around the home, he or she may wish to write down what is wonderful or charming about the loved one. The person may place the notes in noticeable places. The very last note should mention the marriage proposal.

4. Hide Ring in Box of Chocolates or Other Item
A box of chocolates is a suitable way to tell a person that he or she is important to another person. The proposer may wish to eat a chocolate and place the ring in the empty spot.

5. Purchase Movie Theatre Ad
It may be possible to purchase an ad at a movie theatre. This ad may play on the screen before the movie starts. It is vital to ensure that the loved one sees the message. A person may wish to bring along friends and family members to make the event more exciting. However, the importance of the event should not be obvious; a boyfriend or girlfriend may become suspicious.

6. Purchase a Newspaper Ad
If a person does not wish to go to a movie theatre, creative wedding proposals sometimes include placing an ad in the local newspaper. If the loved one enjoys a particular paper, a person may wish to contact the paper and ask for assistance.

7. Use Airplane Loudspeaker
If a person is going on a holiday with a boyfriend or girlfriend, he or she should consider proposing over the loudspeaker. People do not expect to be addressed over a speaker on an airplane; this ensures complete surprise.

8. Slip Ring on a Person While He or She Sleeps
You may slip the ring on the loved one’s finger while the loved one sleeps. When the person wakes up, he or she may immediately notice the new jewellery.

If a person genuinely loves somebody else, he or she may want to consider marriage. If a person seeks creative wedding proposals, the information above may prove useful. It is up to the person to choose the best option.