Love notes

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There are many ways to say I love you to your mate besides just saying it with your mouth. These are just a few creative ways to express your love that can be used by men as well as women:

  1. Leave little love notes in places that are sure to be found by him or her. These notes can contain simply those three words, “I love you,” or a drawing of a Valentine with their name on it. More elaborate notes can contain short poems or a list of reasons of why they are loved and appreciated so much.
  2. Secretly put a few dollars aside from each pay period to save for a romantic trip. After making arrangements for the children, if any, present the tickets. Make sure that this trip is someplace that your loved one has always wanted to go, even if it would not have been your first choice.
  3. Put on your loved one’s favorite song just when they come in from work. Once they take a seat, softly massage their shoulders with as much tenderness as you can and tell them how important they are to you.
  4. A man could place a bouquet of flowers at the door as she enters. With each room she enters, a larger bouquet is there. The largest one will have a romantic card attached.
  5. Run a warm tub of water for your loved one when he or she comes in from work. Place scented candles in safe places in the bathroom. Fill the tub with their favorite scented bubbles or or bath and shower gel.
  6. Place a reminder note in his or her pocket that says,”Remember, I love you with all my heart!”
  7. Get up extra early and fix his or her favorite breakfast and place a paper heart beside their plate.
  8. While they are talking, look deep into their eyes with tenderly and show real interest in what they are saying.
  9. After an argument, do not be afraid to be the first to apologize. Take his or her hands in yours and say, “I’m not happy when we are angry.” or “I love you too much to stay angry.”
  10. Children need not be an distraction in the relationship of a loving couple. Include them. Help them make heart shaped cookies and decorate them with “I Love You” on each. You and the kids offer them to Mom or Dad.
  11. Have children make handmade paper hearts to offer Mom or Dad after an argument. Have them write on the hearts “Dad (or Mom) says he (or she) is sorry.”
  12. On a birthday or anniversary, make sweet little notes, each containing a single word describing what you find special about your loved one. Place each note inside of a balloon and blow them up. Offer them a “balloon bouquet” with the notes placed inside each.

This is just a short list of possible ways to say I love you and to show it. There may be many more that you can think of!