Valentines Day is splendid and so too are all the creative and romantic ideas that go into making the day of fun and love. Consider the creative and romantic ideas below for suggestions on ways to make the day extra special. 

1. Surprise Trip
Create a candlelit dinner in a secluded place, such as on a balcony or a picnic on the seashore. Have romantic foods and beverages, such as wine, cheese and chocolate amongst the date’s favourite foods.

2. Scrapbook
Create a scrapbook of significant events in the relationship by compiling various keepsakes and special reflections of certain days. First date. First trip to a concert. Or the couple’s pose after he popped the question.

Gift from girlfriend to boyfriend3. Gifts
Pamper the date with gifts that he or she truly loves and enjoys. This may take the form of coffee, special smelling soaps or gift cards for their favorite stores.

4. Couples Spa and Massage
Nothing puts couples in the mood like a couple’s massage at a luxurious spa. Make it a day of rest, relaxation and romance.

5. Trail of Rose Petals
For couples that have been together for a while, creating a romantic atmosphere for love makes intimacy all that more special. Leave a trail of rose petals and decorate the room with flowers, dim lights, scented candles and romantic music.

6. Decorate the House
Decorating a date’s house takes some planning, but it can be done. Find a way to enter the house and go crazy with Valentines Day decorations. Have the date there or elsewhere.

7.  Romantic Dinner
Cook a special homemade dinner and decorate a part of the house like a foreign destination. Whether it’s the decorations in the garden or the elaborately adorned rooftop barbecue, make your partner feel as though you are somewhere else. Afterwards, a cozy setup the living room with prepared lineup of romantic movie titles to watch.

8. Romantic Evening of Dancing
Dancing is a wonderful way to get past nervousness and bring a new couple together or bring an old relationship even more closer. After dinner, grab some drinks at a local pub and join the crowd sway their hips to disco or sweet music.

9. Post a Personalised Greeting Card
Create a custom-made greeting card detailing what’s unique about him or her. While it is easy to buy a Hallmark card pre-filled with thoughtful messages, it’s the personalised approach that makes this gift a more creative one. Should creating a card become a challenge, buy blank greeting cards and write personal messages. You may also post it for a “long distance love affair” effect.

Aromatherapy and massage10. Become a Personal Masseuse
Buy massage lotions and oils, prepare a bath and have other pampering essentials to give your spouse or date a special massage. Prepare the room with decors to make it like an authentic spa and massage venue, complete with soothing music and aromatherapy accessories.

11. Custom-Made Compilation or Song Composition
Design a CD or place special songs on the date’s mp3 player. Choose songs that are specific to that person or design a compilation according to the event intended for later that evening. If you have musical talents, you may compose a song and seek help from a local studio to record your song.

12. Bring Custom-Made Candy or Chocolates
Many companies allow for consumers to custom-make candy and chocolate with special messages or pictures. This idea comes in handy for new couples and those intending on a long future together. Messages can take the form of “Will you marry me?” or they can take the form of “You brighten my day.”

13. Surprise Valentines Day Party
Throw a surprise Valentines Day Party for several couples. Decorate the house or chosen spot for the festivities with heart balloons, soft lighting, love songs and an assortment of finger foods. Play games that are specific to love. For instance, a popular close contact game that is fun and silly is to hold a race where couples must keep a ball wedged between them as they cross the finish line.

14. Wine Tasting
Wine tasting provides wonderful outdoor activity, it’s romantic and it removes the possibility of jitters while putting both parties in the mood for love. Be on a lookout for local wine tasting events and choose the one based on location, target audience and overall suitability for a romantic mood.

15. Show Appreciation
Showing appreciation for a loved one can take several forms. Take a date out to places that are specific to them. For instance, if a couple met at a certain location, they should go there. If the man intends on proposing marriage, he can subtly let his date know by going to a location where the wedding may occur.

Romantic ideas can be created when possibilities are explored. Valentines Day is not just a day about love, but truly looking into the heart and mind of another and celebrating what makes them unique. Romantic ideas are about celebrating one another’s uniqueness.