Romantic relationships are complex and need to continually grow in order to stay fresh and evolving. In order for couples to have long-term relationships, it takes a lot of time, work and ingenuity.

For romantic relationships to flourish and grow, you must keep it alive and new with these ten creative ways to be thoughtful. Being spontaneous with a little romance does not have to be expensive or extravagant but show that your heart and efforts went into the creativity of expressing how you feel.

  1. Plan a romantic scavenger hunt. Start with a note that gives clues to the first secret which could be as simple as a rose or favorite piece of candy, along with a clue leading to the second secret. It could be a love note or personalized poem and next clue. The scavenger hunt can have as many clues as you wish with such small gifts as a coupon for a free back massage, a CD of favorite music you shared together, a special photo and other ingenious small gifts, ending with a special reservation to a romantic dinner. Such plans can lead to the perfect long-term relationships.
  2. Draw a nice warm bath just before your partner comes home and surround the tub with rose petals and candles, along with soft music playing. Inscribe on the mirror “I love you.” Remember the wine or champagne to top off a perfect night.
  3. Send your loved one flowers and/or candy at work for no special reason than to say how much you care and are thinking of him or her.
  4. Plan a special romantic home-cooked meal for your partner, preparing all the favorite foods, a little romantic music, candles, flowers and the works, a sure recipe’ for successful romantic relationships.
  5. Be affectionate in public, like you are proud of who you are with. It doesn’t mean to be “bedroom” affectionate in the middle of a crowd but holding hands, putting your arms around your partner and giving a little kiss is a sure way to long-term relationships.
  6. Plan a special foot massage at the end of a long day with a foot bath, the massage and full pedicure, a sure way to someone’s heart.
  7. If you are an old romantic, what better way to express your love than to carve both your initials in a special tree that will always be an eternal reminder of your love?
  8. Plan the ultimate romantic movie night, followed by a quaint romantic dinner at your favorite bistro, or you can rent a movie to watch in front of a fire, along with the strawberries and champagne.
  9. Take your special one to that special spot of your first date, making it a surprise by blindfolding your partner until you get there. Make it more special by reserving the same table and have it set with the most beautiful vase of flowers you chose.
  10. Plan a special weekend getaway, complete with Jacuzzi, dinner reservations, Champagne, candy flowers and more. Bring along special items to plan that little scavenger hunt or just leave strategically placed heart-shaped love notes, poems, “love you” greeting cards and other means of expressing how you feel about your special someone around the room.

There are many more ways that you can be creative in showing how much you care and love your partner and such efforts should continue throughout the relationship. The best way to long-term relationships is to keep the spark alive eternally through many more creative ways to be romantic.