Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.

Chocolate should be named as the 8th deadly sin! This decadent piece of food is able to launch all the rest of the 7 deadly sins!

I remember times in my life I would have hoarded a box of Godiva truffles for my own consumption and stared with envy when a friend was spooning a chocolate dessert in her mouth!

There are many studies and health risk pamphlets that list all the do’s and don’ts for Chocolate, but I’m not writing about that.

Rich, creamy chocolate fountain

Rich, creamy chocolate fountain

All I know is that when I’m out with friends and loved ones for a fancy meal – I’d like to finish the experience digging into a Chocolate lava cake that oozes a rich, creamy chocolate fountain when I put a spoon through it. When I’m feeling a little down, time of the month, crappy day at work, or in one of those moods of “no one understands me!”, I want to bite into a huge bar of Dairy Milk Chocolate (even better with the little nuts in it!) and pretty much mutter to myself that my Chocolate bar understands how I feel!

   Do not get me wrong – men enjoy Chocolate too!
But I noticed a pattern that men EAT chocolate like it’s a food source, similar to needing his meat and two veg on his plate every evening. It is sustenance food, an energy source.
When it comes to Chocolate, Men eat to live, Women live to eat!

   For women, Chocolate is an indulgence or in modern day language it is better known as “Food Porn”.


I asked a few girlfriends who were around in the era of “Cadbury Flakes” adverts, which in their prime was considered risqué, and whether they were offended by the adverts that portrayed the women “indulgently” enjoying their flaky Chocolate. The answers were a resounding “Hell No! We went out, emptied a supermarket shelf of them, went home and greedily devoured the lot they were sooo good!” Women actually did not have any problems watching other women seductively promoting Chocolate. Their thoughts went to “I want to covet a piece of that Chocolate”.  Men on the other hand were sold on the seductress on the screen showing she was having a good time and wishing THEY were the piece of Chocolate!


The infamous “When Harry Met Sally” movie scene (you know which one I’m talking about!) – “that” scene is more common than you think! All my girlfriends who are REALLY into desserts do the whole eye roll, eyes to ceiling, sigh, moan and full on euphoric face when they first spoon into a fantastic Chocolate dessert after dinner. Don’t believe me? Think back to the time you last had a really good dessert and watch your friends when you next have dinner with them.

I think the importance of Chocolate is not lost on most people – we even have Annual Chocolate Festivals around the world! Ranging from the classic rich dark to the darn right strange Garlic flavoured Chocolate or Chilli Chocolates!

But enough of all that – all I know is I’m digging into my pile of M&M’s (yes there is always a time and place to fit in M&M’s!) and urging you all to go out and buy your loved ones (or if you love yourself enough – buy some for yourself) and join me in celebrating all that is heavenly in Chocolate!