When this is considered it is no wonder the wives have so much in common.


At the beginning of this year Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie became sisters-in-law, when the former married Benji Madden, identical twin brother to Richie’s husband, Joel Madden. While they are now legally connected at the hip, Diaz and Richie already had many other things in common, beyond their in-laws. Following from InStyle, are seven ways the two stars are alike that you may or may not have known about.

1. They like blue hair.
It’s no secret that Richie is a fan of sapphire strands, but it turns out Diaz isn’t opposed to them either. In an interview last year the actress broached the topic of pubic hair, stating, “Dye it blue if you want to.”

2. They’re hair chameleons.
On the same note, neither Richie nor Diaz are afraid to change it up when it comes to the strands on top of their heads. While the former is somewhat synonymous with her ever-changing hair hue, Diaz used to transform her ’do quite a bit back in the day, although she’s since settled on her signature shoulder-length blonde style.

3. They’re all about having #NoFilter.
From Diaz’s no-holds-barred account of all her bodily functions in The Body Book to Richie’s unapologetically honest way of dealing with just about everything on her show, Candidly Nicole, it’s obvious this duo is not one to use a filter. We can only imagine how fun their phone calls must be.

4. They’ve got California-cool style down pat.
These girls are Southern California natives, and it shows. Richie and Diaz are both pros when it comes to the laid-back style associated with the Golden State. From jeans, tees, and sneakers to bohemian-inspired red carpet frocks, they make every ensemble look beyond cool.

5. They love fashion.
Not surprisingly, these two stylish ladies have tried their hand at fashion design. While Richie launched her House of Harlow line in 2008, Diaz recently collaborated with Pour La Victoire as their artistic director, helping with design and advertising campaigns.

6. They’ve penned books.
Turns out Diaz and Richie’s knowledge extend far beyond the realm of fashion. While Diaz released her science- and experience-based health book, The Body Book, in early 2014, Richie penned two novels, The Truth About Diamonds and Priceless, in 2006 and 2010 respectively.

7. They prioritize health.
In addition to going on hikes with their dogs, both Nicole and Cameron aren’t strangers to healthy lifestyles. While Diaz outlined hers in her book, Richie has rapped about going gluten-free in an episode of Candidly Nicole.

…via 7 Things You Didn’t Know Sisters-in-Law Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie Had in Common | InStyle

With so much in common, it is no wonder they fell for the Madden twin brothers. As Edward Norton, who played an identical twin in the movie Leaves of Grass, “Identical twins are endemically alike in many ways.”