Beauty awakens the soul

Beauty awakens the soul the soul to act. – Dante Alighieri

An appreciation of the beauty of nature is a running theme at We are blessed to assist thousands of customers per month in sharing fresh, natural beauty with their loved ones near and far. Today we are sharing some insights into natural beauty with you.

In the midst of nature we can experience our own nature – that which is whole, complete and total. A walk in nature teaches us so many lessons we need to learn and unlearn.

The trees standing tall, with leaves swaying in the wind, can teach us determination. Quietly, as if watching with intensity, the happenings of the day. Not being affected, simply watching. We can learn an important lesson of “witnessing” events, situations as they unfold before us.

The wind moves smoothly between the leaves of the trees. The leaves move gently, happily not affecting the wholesomeness of the trees. Our thoughts can move smoothly within us, not affecting our total being.
…via How the Beauty of Nature helps us Realise our True Nature

While the the above is a poetic observation, the following is an actual poem that we found which really touched our love of natural beauty. It is called ‘I love a lonely winding road’ and it was written over 50yrs ago by Alora M. Knight, who is now 93.

I love a lonely winding road
That takes me where I cannot see
Until each softly rounded hill
Reveals its landscaped mystery.
Where nature’s stage creates the plot,
What ever the scene may be.

I love the crocus call in spring,
The first to wake from winter’s sleep.
Translucent bits of ivory joy,
So patient under snow banks deep,
‘Til they can lift each star like face
And proudly nature’s rhythm keep.

I love the fiery autumn hues,
Too harsh to bear in gentle spring
But welcomed by the strident wind
That makes the mighty pine tree sing,
Freeing the crimson leaves that dance
Like bright birds, high on wing.

I love the wonders of this world,
The secrets nature guards so well
From those who have no time to spend,
Who will not lift the ocean’s shell
And listen to the murmured tale
That each one has to tell.

…via I Love A Lonely Winding | Family Friends Poems

We do not often (ever?) share poetry on this blog, but this resonated with our thoughts on the beauty of nature. The breath of fresh air from these has inspired us to plan a nice long hike in nature this weekend. What are your plans?