The autumn season is a beautiful time to explore some of Australia’s most romantic attractions.

Australia’s varied topography, unspoilt natural environment, and elegant cultural amenities inspire fascinating getaways for couples in all stages of life. Visitors discover these hidden gems all over the continent, and some of the top romantic autumn destinations are in Victoria, New South Wales, and the Northern Territory.

Relax and Unwind In Victoria’s Yarra Valley
Alluring Yarra Valley best known for its verdant vineyards, flowers, breathtaking scenery, and refined cultural events is the ideal setting for a romantic getaway. Autumn visitors to the area bypass peak season tourist crowds to enjoy the red and golden hues characteristic of the season.

yarra_valleyYarra Valley located east of the Melba highway hosts many bed and breakfast (B&B) venues to suit all tastes, and a particularly noteworthy one is the Burrow at Wombat Bend. Wombat Bend is a multi-acre property surrounded by farms, vineyards, and forests; it is a nature enthusiast’s paradise on earth.The self-contained cosy Burrow cottage for two is fully stocked with all the comforts of home.

Quaint architectural details adorn the Burrow and the cottage’s furnishings are warm and inviting. Time spent outdoors is time well spent at Wombat Bend as visitors are likely to see a host of native flora and fauna. The attentive B&B owners live on a nearby property and are readily available when needed. Although the attractions of the B&B keep many couples from straying to far away from their interim home, the towns of Yarra Valley provide extended entertainment and learning opportunities. The highly acclaimed chef Pauline Leonard occasionally steps away from her kitchen to conduct gourmet cooking classes and walking tours of the area’s best restaurants that use local produce. The restaurant walking tours allow couples to sample a host of different culinary delights while taking in city sites on foot.

Blue_MountainsExploring The Wilderness Of Blue Mountain in New South Wales
A trip to Blue Mountain just outside the Sydney metropolis on the M4 freeway is a great scenic getaway for couples who enjoy nature. The best way to take in the stunning surroundings is by car trip; driving also allows couples flexibility to stop along the way for refreshments at local cafés, gift shops, and restaurants. Photo opportunities of the majestic mountains, rushing waterfalls, and native wildlife abound once visitors reach the town of Glenbrook which is an entry point of the Blue Mountain National Park.

Hot Air Ballooning The Outback
Australia’s Outback is known for its exhilarating environs which are normally constrained by extremely high temperatures. The cooler months of autumn offer great times to visit by hot air balloon. Experienced hot air balloon outfits like Outback Ballooning offer opportunities for couples to see panoramic views of Flinders Ranges and Alice Springs after beginning the trip at Rawnsley Park Station on Wilpena Road.