Easter Chocolate

According to one study, 68% of Australian adults are guilty of stealing their kids Easter goodies.


It is officially Easter this weekend. The kids are out of school and you are gearing up to celebrate the holiday in true Easter spirit. The fun includes Easter eggs hunts, visiting relatives, hot cross buns and, of course, chocolate in all shapes and sizes. Lots and lots of chocolate, and apparently it is not just the kids who are indulging. According to one study, 68% of Australian adults are guilty of stealing their kids Easter goodies, with 72% of that being mooched before the day itself. The following excerpt from kidspot has the down and dirty on the great Easter pillage.

So how much chocolate are we talking here?

The good folk at Colgate have been so concerned about Australia’s Easter chocolate consumption that they’ve had a little look at the figures, and well, we dig those eggs.

According to their research, Aussie families are expected to consume a whopping 124.3 million Easter treats over the holiday period. And with chocolate eggs and hot cross buns hitting the supermarket shelves earlier and earlier each year, it appears Aussies are being tempted more than ever before.

easter eggs

Most of the damage is done in the lead-up …

According to the research, we’re giving in to the temptation – treating ourselves throughout the lead up to Easter rather than only indulging on the one day.

In 2014, half (53 percent) of the treats consumed by kids and three quarters (72 percent) of the treats consumed by us parents were eaten before the Easter period had even begun. This resulted in two in five (41 percent) parents admitting they had to ‘hop to the shop’ to buy more treats at least once, to stock up again before the holiday.

That’s right, we’re stealing the kids eggs!

Oh man, all of those treats … they’re wreaking havoc with our moral compass. We’re stealing candy from babies!

Check this out:

  • Amongst households purchasing treats, over two thirds (68 percent) of Aussie parents have admitted to stealing and eating their kids’ treats in the lead up to Easter.
  • This equates to thievery of 46.8 million treats over the Easter period.
  •  Almost three in ten parents (28 percent) admit they’re secretly envious of the amount of treats their kids eat over Easter.

…via: Hands up if you’re an egg thief? | kidspot

Chocolate contains compounds similar to those found in ecstasy, as ecstasy, morphine and marijuana, which act on receptors in the brain that release pleasure-generating neurotransmitters, like dopamine. The pleasure felt is also like falling in love, in the words of John Milton “Biochemically, love is just like eating large amounts of chocolate.” With all that feel good going on it is no wonder chocolate meant for the kidding on Easter, is ending up being consumed by parents prior. Enjoy your little guilty pleasure knowing you are not alone. Following are some of the parents’ quotes from that same kisdspot article:

Debbi:I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even pretend they are for my daughter any more.”

Jennifer: “All the eggs are on sale right now, which basically means you can buy more to eat before you have to replace them at full price.”

Michelle: “I thought I was being so organised this year getting them when they first came out, but then I was the only one who knew where they were stashed … bad idea, really bad idea.”

Katie: “I have pretty much bought and replaced the kids eggs about 30 times this year … so far.”

Jeni: “Oh thank god it’s ‘a thing’. I have done it, hands down, at least 15 times already.”

Bernice: “Oh yeah. Humpty Dumpty fell in my tummy a few nights ago.”