Sending romantic flowers is a great way to show your love that you care. Your love will know you were thinking of her when she answers the door and a bouquet of fabulous Valentine’s Day roses or other blooms awaits her. To make her feel special, follow these tips to choose the most romantic flowers.

Valentine’s Day roses are a traditional way to say ‘I love you’ this February. A single rose can be sweet, while a dozen or more can really show your affection. If you send flowers on this special day, choose the customary red color to let your feelings be known.

If roses are a little too predictable but you still want to send flowers, opt for a beautiful bouquet of exotic tropical stems. Orchids are available in nearly any colour imaginable and can last for months. Birds of Paradise can give any arrangement a blast of bold colour, and hot pink ginger flowers will brighten bouquet. Have your florist include a few protea blooms to really dazzle your loved one.

For a truly thoughtful gift, make your floral selection based on the language of flowers. Each bloom has a special meaning that can symbolize your feelings. For instance, anemones signify unfading love, lavender is for devotion, magnolias are for sweetness and sunflowers symbolize loyalty. If you think your lover is perfect, send her tulips. If you want to make your lasting affection be known, send magenta zinnias. If you want to celebrate the joy you have together, send sweet marjoram.

Lilies signify purity, maidenhair ferns are for secret loves, heather is for admiration and gladiolus symbolize love at first sight. If you are going to tap into the language of flowers, make sure you send the right message. Avoid bouquets that include aloe, which symbolizes grief, amaryllis, which means pride or candytuft, which signifies indifference.

No matter which bouquet you choose, make it even more special by attaching a heartfelt note or card. Express your sentiments in a few loving lines so she knows exactly how you feel. Your love will be thrilled that you thought of her in such a sweet way this Valentine’s Day.