Heaven knows how he gets them to behave so well in front of a camera, but photographer William Wegman is famous for his prolific photos of furry friends. For many years his work has featured prominently on Seasame Street, creating a generation or three of dog lovers. While Wegman’s Wikipedia page and his website have longer biographies and lists of his many books, his Facebook page succinctly says this about him:

A pioneer video artist, conceptualist, photographer, painter, and writer, William Wegman moves fluidly among various media: from conceptual works to commissioned magazine shots; videos shown in museums to television segments made for Sesame Street and Saturday Night Live; artists’ books portraying 19th-century naturalist studies to children’s books revealing tongue-in-cheek portraits of town and country life; and from photographic “landscapes” employing his weimaraner muses to his most recent cycle of landscapes combining found scenic souvenir postcards with drawing, collage, and painting. 

To see more of his amazing work with dogs you can visit his website here. Now, we’re just trying to think of a good use for the amazing living font in the video.