Tulips, a stunning accent to any bouquet.


zFlowers.com endeavours to provide customers with information about beautiful garden and gift bouquets. This list concludes this flower glossary series. This series of posts has covered the full A – Z of popular flowers. Some weeks ago we discussed key flowers in the AG,  H – L and M R range.  In connection with this guide’s information, you may want to consider some of these lovely popular plants and flowers in the S through Z range in your garden or as gifts:

Snapdragon: These delicate blossoms sometimes carry the name “dragon flowers”, because they supposedly resemble the face of a dragon when squeezed sideways. They come in a wide array of sizes and colours, springing forth from extremely tiny seeds. A single plant will typically produce a multitude of beautiful blossoms, offering a stunning display.

Spider Flower: Spider flowers include Cleome hassleriana, a popular garden flower native to South America. It typically produces white, purple or pink blossoms in which four petals offset six long, thin delicate stamens. It remains widely cultivated in temperate zones.

Sunflower: These beautiful annual plants today occur in many shapes and sizes (frequently very large). The flower petals traditionally resembled the bright yellow rays of the sun. Today many varieties include orange and reddish blossoms. These plants prefer exposure to direct sunlight; during the day, the flower head will shift position over time, bending to track the sun overhead. Giant varieties of Sunflowers produce nutrient rich seeds; today, some farms cultivate these flowers as a crop.

Sweet Pea: These fragrant blossoms prefer moist, loamy soil and full sunlight. They occur in breathtakingly lovely colours: white, pink, red, blue and purple. The Sweet Pea belongs to the genus Lathyrus. Many botanists trace its origins to the warm Mediterranean. It has long been an international garden favourite that offers a sweet-smelling addition to cut flower bouquets.

Tassel Flower: Some 115 different species of Tassel Flower (Emilia) exist. Many gardeners appreciate the diminutive Emilia coccinea because its small orange or brilliant red flowers provide an excellent border display in gardens and beside paths.

Tiger Flower: Native to South America, these plants are closely related to Irises, Gladiolus, Freesia and Crocus. They produce brief, eye-catching displays of spotted blossoms. A single plant will often supply multiple blooms on a single stem.

Tuberose: The sweet scented Tuberose frequently offers its blossoms to the perfume industry. These perennials grow from bulbs and make excellent potted plant gifts. A single Tuberose blossom forms an excellent corsage for formal occasions.

Tulip: Tulips bloom in the spring. They produce a rich panoply of colour. Centuries ago, prized tulip bulbs sparked an investment crisis in the Netherlands, where Tulip growers competed to produce new and stunning colours and varieties. Tulips remain one reason why a huge international cut flower market exists in Amsterdam today! Many people around the raise garden tulips from bulbs. These flowers contribute to bouquets, and also enjoy popularity as container plant gifts.

Violet: Many Viola species exist today- well over 400. Violets remain particularly popular and often occur in white, deep blue or rich purple hues. They provide lovely additions to bouquets and wedding settings, and also serve as a popular container plant gift. The Ancient Greeks reportedly regarded Violets as a symbol of love, probably because of their sweet fragrance.

Zinnia: These hardy garden plants appeal to backyard garden enthusiasts; they come in a variety of sizes as erect plants and retain their blooms for long periods of time. Native to the Americas, their bright yellow, orange and red shades attract butterflies and humming birds. They form excellent additions to many cut flower bouquets.

zFlowers.com values our customers and we hope you have found this series to be of value to your knowledge of flowers. With such a beautiful array of blossoms available to enrich our lives, everyone should enjoy and share the sweet gift of flowers!