If you are looking for the best lilies to decorate the altar this Good Friday, then you are on the right track. Floral arrangement is quite vexing if you are going to do it in an occasion wherein you are encouraged to create a minimalist design. You should opt for flowers that are tempered in color and use different shades of white, beige, or any pale colors. It is also advisable that you match your blossoms to the altar setting. Color coordination is a vital thing to consider if you don’t want your masterpiece to scream out murder.

Lilies have been present throughout history. In the past, they were often referred to as “apostles of hope”. After Christ’s agony in Gethsemane, they were recorded to be found growing in the garden. There were stories that beautiful white lilies grew up where Christ dropped his sweat in his final hours of difficulty. Early paintings also depicted Angel Gabriel extending his hand with a branch of pure white lilies to give to the Virgin Mary. These alluring blooms have long been a great symbol of hope, innocence, life, purity, and virtue.

No Vibrant Colors

Simplicity is the theme of the day during Good Friday. Your design should be noticeable but just enough not to be overly dramatic. It is also encouraged that there should be lavish greens present. There should absolutely be NO vibrant colors on your work of art as it will affect the solemnity of the event. You can also choose to create something on a tight budget as it will challenge you to be creative but simple. It is more rewarding to create a masterpiece from nothing. A person’s artistry is enhanced when he creates something purely out of his own imagination.

zFlowers.com has a variety of lilies to choose from for floral arrangements. For your sake, we have compiled five (5) lilies for color inspiration.


For a successful floral arrangement, you could refer to the following tips:

  1. Before you create your own masterpiece, make sure you have all the things needed. There are specific tools you could use to trim the stems. For tools, you could refer to A Beginner’s Guide To Floral Design: Tools and Materials. To help fix your plants into place, there are earth-friendly floral foam alternatives that you could use. If you are having trouble searching for flowers, you could easily browse online for delivery from Melbourne florists.
  2. Arrange your flowers in a medium that will be appropriate for them. They should be placed in shallow water for deep water will quickly rot the stems. To make your Lilies last longer, one cute tip is to save your remaining soda! You can mix about ¼ cup soda into the water, its sugar content will prolong the life of your floras. You should pick a transparent drink like Sprite or 7-Up if you want your water to remain crystal clear.
  3. When you begin placing your floras into the flower foam, make it a point that there is a sense of balance in your design. Cut the stems at a slanting angle to promote freshness. Most importantly, consider color coordination in your arrangement.
  4. After you have finished designing, place your arrangement in a location where you can appreciate its beauty but at the same time doesn’t overpower the image on your altar. By any means, position the flowers out of the sun’s direction.
  5. Once a day, spray water on your floral display, especially if the temperature is hot. If the flowers start showing signs of diminishing, you can do over your arrangement but remember to cut the withered part of the stems at a slanting angle.