5 Tips to Say Sorry like You Mean It

How do you apologize for your past actions?

What has passed through time are things you cannot change. But you can always atone for them, as long as it is done genuinely. When the guilt is slowly building up inside you and you start feeling miserable about the mistake you have committed, it’s about time you resolve that problem. It is difficult to say “I’m sorry” especially if it takes up too much of your ego.

Each misunderstanding would have been easily avoided, if only people directly offer a simple apology rather than holding their pride up high. It’s such a short phrase, composed of merely two words. Still, it is quite vexing why people have difficulty expressing the word.

The weakness of offering amends is also an indication that people don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. Nothing can be fixed if you always value your pride more than the relationship. It is indeed hard to let go of something you have high regards of. It’s what keeps you together. Yet, you can start a change by naturally saying sorry every time you are at fault.


The first step in apologizing is to know that you committed a mistake. You need to acknowledge the hurt you’ve inflicted on the person. Don’t be naive and recognize your role in the situation.


Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t offer excuses or alibis, let him/her know that you accept that something you’ve done has hurt them. The apology should not be about yourself. It should be about the person you’ve harmed. Defending yourself and justifying the mistake you’ve committed only aggravates the circumstances.  Whether what you’ve committed was intentional or not, the result justifies the means.


There is no point in apologizing for your mistake if you will repeat it again and again. There should be a statement like “I’m sorry” or “I sincerely apologize” included in  your apology so that you are giving him/her an assurance that the mistake will not happen again.Remind yourself that if not because of you, the other person wouldn’t be upset.

Ask for forgiveness

After you’ve said “I’m Sorry”, don’t forget to ask for forgiveness. By doing this, you are letting them know that you sincerely regret what you’ve done. At the same time, you are giving them the resolution. You can also couple your apology with beautiful blossoms. A single flower can brighten up anyone’s day. A magnificent surprise of fresh flowers will help you bring out the smile on the face of anybody, even those you have offended and hurt.

Learn from that mistake

Do not apologize with the intention of repeating it again. What is the point of saying sorry if you don’t mean it? Don’t make a fool of yourself. The easier you accept that you have committed a mistake, the easier you both can move on from the incident. If we won’t ever learn, we can’t grow and mature as a rational individual.

Remember, saying “sorry” should always be voluntary. Let go of your pride, seek not vengeance and hatred. Asking a sincere apology for your mistakes makes you a better and stronger person.