Having a hard time looking for a gift to give to your boyfriend, male sibling, or a guy friend for a special day? If he is someone who has a thing for plants or flowers and loves gardening, worry no more on what gift  to give him and stop looking now. We have found the perfect gifts for him that will surely leave a smile on his face. So sit back, relax, and grab your popcorn as we reveal to you the five perfect gift ideas for any guy with green fingers.

Planters For His Bike


Bike Planter | Source

Who wouldn’t love to bring a tiny planter with him in his cycling adventure? A planter that can be conveniently attached to a bike was designed by Coleen Jordan of Wearable Planter. It is perfect for guys who are very mobile and adventurous and want to bring their green fingers with them wherever they go.

Couple Ring Planters

ring planter

Wearable Planter Ring | Source

Although girls do not commonly give a ring to their boyfriends, guy sibling, or any guy friend, nobody says it is wrong to do so. This planter ring by Wearable Planter can be a romantic couple ring or a symbolic ring for the love of nature. It can serve as a promise for lovers to live together throughout their lives, or a promise for someone to live as a vanguard to nature for the rest of his life. Whatever the purpose of the ring, it can be a very meaningful gift to any guy with green fingers.

Planter Necklace

planter necklace

Planter Necklace | Source

Another cool product by Wearable Planter is the planter necklace. It has a very sleek design that is perfect to be worn by guys, who support and promote the green advocacy, without killing their fashion sense. The planter necklace can also be a symbol of promise either on a romantic relationship or on love for plants and flowers or nature in general.

Planter Pin


Wearable Planter Brooches and Lapel Pins | Source

Aside from being a perfect boutonniere for weddings, this is also a perfect gift for guys who accomplished a milestone in their lives and pride themselves in their achievements. It is perfect to wear during victory parties, thanksgiving parties, or even birthdays. If there are flower bouquets for the ladies, these elegant planter pins are for the gentlemen.

Planter for his desk


3D Plant Growers | Source

For the artists and sports enthusiasts, who also love plants and gardening at the same time, these 3D-designed planters for his desk are the  perfect gift. How wonderful it would be for him to play chess using the tiny planters designed to look like chess pieces! Or have a planter on his desk that has the shape of the first letter of his name! It will not only look cool, it will also inspire him more to develop his interest in foliage and gardening.

So, for your boyfriend, guy sibling, guy friend, or any guys who have green fingers, you now have the best idea on what gifts to give them on special days. Rest assured that he will gasp in amazement once he receives that kind of presents. But of course, the traditional flower bouquets, planters or food baskets never grow old especially when they are paired with wine.

Want to add more gift ideas? Please feel free to add them in the comment below.