We all have those moments right before Christmas where we sit for ages trying to figure out what on earth to get our loved ones. Trying to think of the most thoughtful, creative and memorable present without completely blowing the budget is a difficult task to say the least. Here are a few ideas for you that you may not have thought of yet.

1) The Quirky Gift: 
The unexpected and unforgettable gift they will talk about for years to come.
*The Remote Control Wand:
This is your basic Harry Potter-esque wand with all the magic powers necessary to maintain your position on the couch. This wand reacts to differing ‘ abracadabra like waves’ to operate your TV, stereo and other infra- red devices.

2) The Cutest:
For the young at heart- this gift can’t miss! (Unless you are a complete old fogey)
*I’m Nut’s About You Keychain:
This keychain, shaped like a heart and sealed with a little cork actually contains real nuts. The gift tag simply reads ‘I’m Nuts About You!” Now that’s cute!

3) For the Girls:
Make her feel really special with this alternative gift…
*TaDa! Gift Experience Set: Supreme Pamper: This little gift box is especially for her. It contains one body ritual session, one facial ritual session and a voucher for skincare or makeup products. She will love you (and herself) for it! Why not team this with a dozen red roses and really impress her!

4) The ‘Blokiest’:
The Aussie Term for Manly- so you know it’s gotta have beer in it!
But what to put the beer in? How about the World’s Largest Beer Stein!:
Standing at around 4 feet tall and able to hold over half a keg of beer, this is certainly the manliest present I can think of. And what man wouldn’t want to show off lifting the 35 pound (empty) weight of this little beauty! Described as ‘The Chuck Norris of all Beer Steins’.

5) Most Extravagant:
We can only dream…
A helicopter ride over Iguacu Falls:
Ahhh, South America, so beautiful and exotic. But shall we go to Argentina or Brazil? How about both! This helicopter ride explores the massive Iguacu Falls. It is so wide that you can only really take in all of this stunning natural landmark from the air. Perhaps one day…