There is nothing wrong with being single. You don’t need to be with someone to make you feel happy and complete because you know for yourself that you already are. But let’s be real, it can be tough to be alone on Valentine’s Day when all the people you see are couples celebrating this day with overwhelming love and happiness. But don’t get envious, cheer yourself up and your single friends by sharing these hilarious Valentine’s puns for all singles out there who are looking for a good laugh.

The Anti-Valentine’s Day Greetings


Dating a Jerk Really Sucks


Hooray For Today!


The Benefits of Cooking Dinner for Two


Cheers to Those Who Found True Love


Seriously, I Want to Be Alone on This Day!


Cheers to All Singles Out There


There’s Always a Reason to Celebrate


It Feels Great to Know You Are Not Alone on Valentine’s Day


A Date on Valentines? No, Thanks.


You may be single on Valentine’s day, but who cares? This day is not only for lovers. It’s also a day for families and friends who freely give us the love and care we all need. This Valentine’s Day, spread the good vibes and celebrate this day by sending your loved ones a bouquet of  fresh and gorgeous Valentines Flowers.