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Looking for ways to revamp your home?

There are numerous, almost limitless, ways you can decorate and make improvements to your humble abode – from simply getting fresh flowers delivered to your home in Australia for everyday decoration to remodelling a particular area in the house.

Now, you may feel hesitant to make such home improvements thinking they may cost you a lot but the truth is you don’t have to spend much to give your home a little makeover. A do-it-yourself decorating project is the way to go.

DIY projects are not only cost-effective, they are also satisfying. It feels accomplishing to be able to finish something that serves a good purpose.

Below, we share some easy and inexpensive decorating tips you can do at home.

photo wall#1. PHOTO WALL

Have lots of extra wall space? Decorate it without shelling out a hefty amount of money!

Creating a photo wall is a great way to fill an empty wall space. It’s a double win for you – you get to upgrade your wall and display all your treasured memories for everyone to see at the same time. You can make one in your bedroom, the living room, your home office and even that wall space in your staircase.

pen cup vase#2. PEN TUBE VASE

Placing a flower or two in your office will surely add colour and life to the room. Repurpose your old dried up pens by turning them to into tube vases. Bet you never thought of that. The next time you order flowers online, take a stem and put one on a pent tube vase.

To make the vase, remove the ink cartridge and fill the tube with water. Cap the bottom of the pen securely making sure it doesn’t leak. Place a thin-stemmed flower on your new vase.


Pillowcases make your fluffy pillows a lot less boring. Now you can give them a new function – storage. How? Add a small pocket!

If you have old or unused jeans at home, you can recycle the pockets for this simple DIY project. Cut the pocket out of the jeans and sew it on the pillowcase. It’s that easy! This makes a clever solution if you keep losing your remote.


Window blinds not only allow you to control the amount of light in your room, they also serve a decorative purpose. The problem with regular blinds, however, is that they easily get boring. Also, customising blinds can get a bit costly.

But there’s no need to fret if you really want to upgrade your blinds. You can customise it yourself. Check out this custom Roman blinds tutorial for an inexpensive way to upgrade your shades at home.


sweater coasters

Do you have shrunken, stained or unused sweaters in the closet and don’t know what to do with them? Here’s a craft project you might want to consider – sweater coasters.

Gather up all your old sweaters and turn them into creative coasters. Wash them first and dry thoroughly. Once dry, trace circles onto the fabric using a glass and a pencil. Cut out as many pieces as you want.

ladder organizer#6. LADDER ORGANIZER

Ladders are mainly used to reach high or elevated places. But have you thought of them as organisers?

If you have old ladder at home, you can repurpose it as a stylish linen organiser. Whether it’s made of wood or metal, you can clean it up, apply new paint and voila! A unique way to keep all your towels and blankets in place. The best thing about ladders is that they fit well in almost any kind of space – blank walls, corners and just about any empty space you want to fill.


Bored of your old backsplash tiles? No worries! There is an inexpensive way to upgrade them. This repainted backsplash tiles DIY guide will give your old tiles a fresh twist and make your kitchen look new.


Upgrade your plain (and probably boring) glassware by marbling their bottoms. Using nail polish, you can make these pieces the centre of attention in your kitchen or dining room. Whether they’re for personal use or only for display, marbled glassware make such an attractive feat.


mason jar lights

Lighting can easily influence one’s mood. Using mason jars and some candles, you can create some mood lighting at home and make the place a bit more welcoming and cosy, romantic even. This lighting project is perfect for the outdoors, so consider it for your garden or patio. Mason jar lights can be hung up or spread all over the place wherever you see them fit.


Plants add a touch of nature to your home. Some types are even quite decorative.

If you regularly order flowers in Melbourne to decorate your home, you may want to consider growing some decorative plants yourself instead. Take succulents, for example. They are small and attractive yet don’t take up a lot of space, perfect for indoor planting or even a window garden. If you’re keen on pursuing this project, you may find these handmade clay pots interesting.

Got more DIY home decorating tips? Share them here!